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3DVerkstan Model COVID Face Shields

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Thank you for taking this crisis seriously and out for others! I have so far been blessed to have met many great people and only ask you all to help just each other a little bit whenever and wherever you can.

These shields may not be the best solution for each person or every scenario however I’m an Instructor and these are useful while I’m teaching and preferred over masks. They are essentially required for the medical community. After donating over 900 of them to various first-responder types, I have witnessed the PPE distribution pipeline open a bit to where the medical community now has some access to such PPE material.

With that said, I want to now focus on getting them to my community.

I am providing these free of charge, I only ask that you come pick them up as I teach online throughout the day if I don’t have to physically go in to the office.

Contributors, Shield Makers, Mask Makers, ALL MAKERS:

If you have the capability to contribute shields, masks, PPE of any type, please let me know and I will offer them here. I don’t mind serving as a distribution point for PPE. Please contact me at matt@novatechnocrat.com

Ordering Information:

Please select the amount that you can guarantee will be placed on a human’s head. They do no good if they are collecting dust. I have a distribution pipeline so please don’t order them unless you have already talked to someone as I can ensure delivery to people that need them.

Feel free to contact your local doctors, teachers, schools, or front-facing businesses to see if they need them.

When you order them, you will need to do nothing but wait for me to tell you when they are complete so you can come pick them up. Please do not think that because I have not yet contacted you that I am not working on getting them. I am working as hard as possible to fulfill any and all orders possible.

Information Regarding The Shields:

I am able to make and distribute about 30 a day. That is a conservative number but “life things” come up. I produce them at about 3 an hour and there is a possibility of machine or batch failure.

The shield material is made of either transparency film for old school projectors or binder covers. The holes are punched with a standard 3-hole A4 sized punch. There are 6 holes and you’d punch one set, move them roughly an inch (specifics unknown at this time) and punch the other set. I’ll provide you one shield however you will want to order your own at some point. The link below has the best clarity of any I’d seen so far. Any will work as long as it’s 4 mil or thicker however thicker isn’t better, you want clarity. The Apollo stuff is the best but they are price gouging now for it.. If you purchase a pack of 50 or 100, I’d like to kindly suggest that you take as many as you need and donate them back to me to re-purpose them for others, since you likely won’t be able to use them all. This helps feed the machine.

Child’s sizes:

I don’t have a child’s size, however there are loops on the back of the frames that you can place a rubber band on to tighten it. I suspect they will fit a child’s head this way, but please provide feedback as I can not test this. If you don’t have rubber bands, please ask me for them and I can give you a few.

Please check out the following links for more information.


3D-printed protective visor


This material is called PETG and can be disinfected with chemicals like hydrogen peroxide or alcohol but can NOT be dish washed. You WILL have a soupy mess! A study out of the Czech Republic’s Health Ministry stated they can be disinfected with common household chemicals. I’ll try to find it. Also, no Acetone/nail polish remover! You don’t want to do that! You will likely want to round off the corners with scissors so you don’t stab yourself in the eye!


If you INSIST on donating, please consider purchasing anything on the following list, rather than give me cash. It makes me nervous quite honestly. I’m blessed to have a job and a beautiful wife and dog that love me. I don’t need money. I won’t pretend that it’s cheap making these on the scale that I am so I’ve prepared a list of the materials I use to create them. I selected them due to shipping time (mainly) and price. The stuff I normally use ships from Prague and has a long lead time.

I’m in constant need of both, shield material and PETG.

“Feed the machine” wish list: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/3N0TYIO3QU29Y?&sort=default


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